WhatsApp Rolls Out Expanded Image Display in Messaging Threads

Here’s a small, but handy tweak from WhatsApp. From today, it’s rolling out a new update to the way images and videos are displayed in message threads, showing more of the image in-line, as opposed to cropping them down to fit.

As you can see here, the new image display process will show bigger visuals to better represent the full context in scope.

It’s not ground-breaking, of course, but it’s a good update, which will make it easier to display images in your message threads, and could also facilitate new options for business users, as WhatsApp continues to expand its business use case.

The update is similar to a current test at Twitter, which also displays bigger images in-line within user timelines.

That ensures that users are seeing a better representation of what you want to display, as opposed to the cropped version – which could get more people to stop mid-scroll and check out your message.

Again, it’s a simple tweak, but by reducing the considerations around how content is displayed, it makes it easier to focus on maximizing your messaging, and sharing visual content that generates best response, rather than focusing on the exact right image dimensions and trying to squeeze your image as you want to be seen.

The WhatsApp update is rolling out from today in the latest version of the app.

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