YouTube Adds New Data Insights to Highlight Video Performance in First 24 Hours After Posting

YouTube has added a new metric option within YouTube Studio analytics which shows you how well your video has performed in the first 24 hours after upload.

That could provide some key insights into reach and resonance with your audience, with YouTube’s algorithm looking to amplify content that performs well with viewers.

In addition to this, you can also compare the first 24 hours performance for two different videos, side-by-side.

YouTube first 24 hours stats

That could help refine your strategic approach to posting, and get a better understanding of what works with your audience.

The option is only available for videos published after 2019, and it isn’t available for live-streams. 

YouTube has been looking to provide more analytics options over the past year, as well as providing new insights into how its algorithms work, in order to help creators maximize their video performance.

On that front, YouTube also recently published a new video that addresses some common algorithm and distribution questions, which is a complement to the video it published earlier in December on the same. 

If you’re looking to maximize your YouTube performance, you need to understand how its systems work, and these new data and algorithm insights will provide you with more avenues to learn just that. 

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