YouTube Adds New Hashtag Showcase Pages to Assist in Content Discovery

This is interesting. This week, YouTube has launched a new hashtag search option, which provides a full-page display of YouTube videos that include your chosen tag, along with usage insights, all on one screen.

As you can see in this example, published by Android Police, the new hashtag display pages provide a full listing of every video that’s used that specific hashtag, while at the top of the screen, below the search term, you can also see overall insights into how many videos and channels have used the tag.

As explained by YouTube

“Previously if you searched for a hashtag or clicked on a hashtag on YouTube, you’d see a combination of content using the hashtag in the video as well as other related content. Starting today, anyone searching for a specific hashtag on YouTube, either the desktop or mobile app, will see a new dedicated page that only contains videos with the hashtag, which are sorted to keep the best videos at the top.” 

That could serve a range of purposes, beyond content discovery. Through this, you’ll also now be able to search for relevant hashtags related to your own content, along with their respective popularity, while you’ll also be able to tap into each listed clip to get more insights on associated tags – then tap on those to see how often they’re also used.

The listings can also provide guidance on what works in each category or topic. Because, as YouTube notes, the videos are listed by popularity, that can help to give you an idea of the video titles that work best for each topic, the thumbnail images, relevant creators, etc.

It could be a valuable research option. YouTube says that you can navigate to these new search pages by clicking into any automatically linked hashtag you see on YouTube.

You can also, as noted by Android Police, use this URL, adding your respective search tag at the end:[yourtermhere]  

It’s not a ‘game-changer’ by any means, but it is an interesting option for research and discovery, which could come in handy for your YouTube strategy.

The new hashtag search display is now available in both the desktop and mobile versions of the YouTube app. 

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