YouTube Launches New ‘Shorts Report’ to Promote Key Short Video Trends

With YouTube looking to put more emphasis on its TikTok-clone ‘Shorts’ in 2021, the platform has announced the launch of a new ‘Shorts Report’, a bi-weekly overview of key Shorts trends, updates and tips.

As explained by YouTube:

“Our goal with the Shorts Report is simple; support YOU on your creation journey, regardless of your starting point. Whether you need the push to make your first video, inspiration for your next Short, or help figuring out how to use our creation tools, the Shorts Report has you covered.”

Shorts, which YouTube first announced in April last year, enables users to upload 15-second video clips via a dedicated ‘Shorts Camera’ option built into the main YouTube app. The Shorts camera is currently only available to users in India, where YouTube is pushing to fill the gap left by the banning of TikTok, but all users are able to upload Shorts clips by adding the hashtag #Shorts to their short videos uploads.

And as noted, YouTube is looking to put more emphasis on the option. In her recent overview of the company’s key areas of focus for the year ahead, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki noted that Shorts are already seeing 3.5 billion views a day, and it’s looking to expand the tools into more regions soon.

That could make this an important resource moving forward. You can check out the first Shorts Report below.

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