YouTube Shares New Insights into Emerging Video Trends

YouTube has shared some new insights into emerging video trends, which it says have changed significantly throughout the course of 2020.

Which makes sense, given that everybody’s been locked inside with limited entertainment options, and within this, YouTube has identified some key shifts, based on both its own data and insights from¬†Ipsos¬†MORI surveys.

As an aside, tell me that he wasn’t about to say ‘short form is booming as evidenced by the success of [TikTok]’ before they realized that they have their own version of TikTok, in Shorts, and changed it (at the 1:42 mark of the clip).

Based on its research, YouTube has identified three key thematic areas within the latest video shifts:

  • How the archetype of the content creator has evolved
  • How video is becoming more interactive
  • How digital media is evolving to help us face personal and societal adversity

The new, interactive report looks at each element in depth, with a series of videos exploring different elements.

There are also data notes on each trend to further underline the findings.

YouTube Trends 2020

There’s a heap of valuable pointers and notes within the dataset, with specific trends and usage stats which could help shape your video strategy.

YouTube Trends 2020

The insights underline how online video consumption is changing more broadly, which may not specifically relate to your business. But the ways in which people are utilizing video may give you a different perspective on what your audience is seeking.

You can view the full YouTube Culture and Trends report for 2020 here, which you can advance through by scrolling. If you’re looking to refine your YouTube approach for next year, it’s definitely worth a look.

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