YouTube’s Working on New Updates for its Blur Tools Within YouTube Studio

YouTube is testing a new update to its blur tool within YouTube Studio, which will make it easier for creators to blur out specific elements within their YouTube clips as part of the upload process.

As explained by YouTube engineer Abhinav Singh:

“Now in Studio, you can blur faces, people, license plates, logos, etc., all without losing views,. With improved blurring features, you’re in control. With both face blur and custom blur, you are able to modify the duration, position and size of the blur.”

To be clear, the blur tools have been available on YouTube since 2016, but this update will make it easier to control exactly what you blur and for how long, with improved detection and size controls.

YouTube Blur tool

Users will also now also be able to choose between oval and rectangle shapes in custom blur, making it easier to utilize the blurring function.

That should make it a lot easier to block out unintended elements in your clips – which is increasingly important, given copystrikes and violation notes for including certain elements.

Singh also notes that YouTube has re-added AdSense association controls under the ‘Monetization’┬átab in Studio, which was available in the previous version of the platform, while it’s also working on new editing tools to assist in copyright concerns within uploaded clips.

You can check out the latest YouTube Creator Insider update for more on these updates.

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